Yuvraj Singh’s Father blames Dhoni for Yuvi’s exit
Yuvraj Singh’s Father blames Dhoni for Yuvi’s exit
Yuvraj Singh’s Father blames Dhoni for Yuvi’s exit.
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Chopper crash kills two pilots in Indian-held Kashmir
Chopper crash kills two pilots in Indian-held Kashmir
NEW DELHI: An Indian military helicopter crashed late Wednesday in restive Kashmir killing two pilots, reports said.

 The Press Trust of India news agency said:The aircraft, identified as an Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), came down in mountainous Bandipore district, some 65 kilometres north of the Kashmiri summer capital Srinagar, killing a lieutenant colonel and a major.

The chopper crashed about 30 minutes after it took off for a night training sortie from the army's aviation base at Manasbal.

Rebel groups have been fighting Indian forces since 1989 for independence or to merge the territory with Pakistan.

The nuclear-armed neighbours have fought two of their three wars over the scenic region, while years of fighting have left tens of thousands dead, most of them civilians.
All but one truck return from Indian-held Kashmir
MUZAFFARABAD: Authorities in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) arrived at some sort of consensus regarding resumption of the stalled intra-Kashmir trade, as all but one of the stranded trucks were allowed to return to their respective sides late on Wednesday night.

“Yes, I confirm that all except one of the 72 trucks, which were stuck up here and across the LoC since Friday, have returned to their respective sides a few minutes ago,” retired Brigadier Imtiaz Wyne, director general AJK Travel and Trade Authority (TATA) told Dawn from Chakothi terminal at 10:35pm.

On Friday, 50 trucks from IHK and 22 trucks from AJK were stuck up on the opposite sides, after IHK authorities alleged they had recovered suspected contraband items from an orange-laden vehicle from here.

Also on Tuesday, Mr Wyne submitted an application in Chinari police station for formal inquiry into the incident.

The application, he told Dawn, was aimed at investigating that whether any contraband item had been smuggled from here or not, and whether the laid down procedure (for scanning and certification of trucks to be sent across the LoC) had been followed at Chakothi Terminal or not.

In the light of the application, the police registered a case against TFO Iqbal, trader Mir and driver Inayat Shah under sections 121-A, 221, 222, 419, 420, 467, 468, 471 of the Penal Code.

Driver Inayat Shah of that truck and trader Zahoor Ahmed Malla, in whose name the consignment was booked, were also taken into custody.

When asked whether it meant that the IHK authorities would prosecute the driver according to their law, he replied in the affirmative.

“On our side the case will be pursued according to our law.”

Mr Wyne also claimed that trade would resume from Thursday (today).

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Dhoni hopes rest after long summer aids World Cup

SYDNEY: India s Mahendra Singh Dhoni is hoping that a break in a long summer tour of Australia has recharged his men for the World Cup and has not left them "over-cooked".

India have endured a lengthy and miserable tour Down Under in which they were beaten 2-0 in the four-match Test series and then failed to win a game in the one-day tri-series which also included England.

"It s not easy to play four Test matches... followed by a tri-nation series," Dhoni told reporters in Adelaide on Saturday.

He also said:"I know that cooked and over-cooked is a very fine line between them -- and especially if you do a barbecue you can understand that.

Dhoni missed the birth of his first child, a daughter born on Friday, for the Australia tour, but asked whether he would rather have been in India in recent days he said: "Not really."

India played their final tri-series game on January 30 and will begin the defence of their World Cup title against traditional rivals Pakistan on February 15 in Adelaide.

He said:"A lot of people have different views about it."

"How I personally take it forward is it s similar to playing against Australia, Sri Lanka or any other Test playing nation.

"That is one thing that both the sides have done really well."

While the India fans will have high expectations, Dhoni downplayed the pressure on his team.
Prime Minister modi ridicules poll surveys says priority is delhis development
According to India TV.

New Delhi: On the second last day of campaigning in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in south Delhi's Ambedkar Nagar.

Here are the highlights from his speech:

1. BJP is going to form a government in Delhi under the leadership of Kiran Bedi.

2. You want the nation to grow, don’t you? For this Delhi needs stability. We need a strong government. Delhi has seen the backlash of an unstable govt already. I am requesting you to vote for development. Vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

3. We have to rectify the errors of last 16 years and help Delhi reach new heights.

4. I have seen in the last two days attempts are being made to incite our North-eastern brothers and sisters. In BJP's Vision Document, something was incorrectly written of Northeastern immigrants. It was clearly a mistake, and we have accepted it when BJP govt was in Bengaluru, because of some rumours, North easterns started fleeing from the state. But the BJP government held them back.

5. When the LS elections were ongoing, I myself was a candidate. During those elections there wasn't as much crowd as is being witnessed this time.

6. We are robustly working towards development, leaving no space for people that practice the policy of divide and rule.

7. The goal and mantra of my politics is development. Without development Delhi and India cannot go forward.

8. My politics has only one direction, only one aim, and only one motto - development. And what does development means? It means changing the life of the poor. When there's someone sick at home, medicine should be provided.

9. I want to change the course of life for the poor. A poor man works hard with honestly and after a long day's work, when he comes back home, there isn't even enough space for him to stretch his legs and sit. Everyone deserves a house of their own.

10. I seek your blessing. Today the whole world is looking up to India. Do you know why? It is because of you. You have given a clear mandate to Delhi. Now when I go to different countries, and greet world leaders, they are not facinated with me. They see me backed by 2.25 billion people.

11. When I was fighting Lok Sabha polls from Varanasi, surveys predicted I would lose badly but I won. The survey said that I would lose with a difference of 3 lakh votes.

12. The people who claimed to be honest, they have been proved otherwise. What kind of people are they? They preach something and do the completely opposite things.

13. Shouldn't we give relief to 1984 Sikh victims if judiciary directs us? They say we are doing it for election. We are doing it for humanity.
India Is Expo-sed - Watch Exclusive Video
From Aap ki Adalat

NEW DELHI:A low caste transgender in central India has become the country 1st to win civic polls and be declared mayor.

According to the State election commission:
Madhu Bai Kinnar won the municipal election in Raigarh in the central state of Chhattisgarh on Sunday,beating her rival from Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) by more than 4,500 votes.

Videos Footage showed the 35 year old Kinnar draped in a saree,folding her hands and greeting supporters who placed marigold garlands around her neck amid a blaze of camera flashes.

Kinnar a member of the Dalit caste previously known as "untouchables" had been earning a living by singing and dancing on trains,the press trust of India reported,but she stopped,when asked to represent her community.

Kinnar win comes nine months after India top court ruled that transgender be legally recognized as gender neutral.

Often known as ""hijras"" in South Asia,transgender are classified as people who have had sex changes operations or who regard themselves as the opposite of their born gender.

They often live on the extreme fringes of India culturally conservative society,sometimes falling into prostitution and begging.
India Media About Imran Khan and Reham Khan Marriage

Why India is so much Upset with PK Movie -- Watch Indian Media Report

MUMBAI(INDIA): Bollywood celebrity Gauhar Khan was slapped during the recording of an Indian reality show for wearing a short dress by an Audience member at the film city of Mumbai.There is some trajedy with Indian dancer Gauhar Khan.

The recording was stopped after the incident and the police arrested the man who slapped Gauhar Khan,man charging him with the molestation under section 354 of the India panel code.

The man who slapped Gauhar Khan is the 24 year old.His name is Aqeel Malik. Aqeel Malik broke through security cordon and slapped Ghaur Khan.

Aqeel Malik said: ""Being a Muslim girl she should not have worn short dresses.""

The Big Boss season seven winner Gauhar Khan remained shocked and was crying over the shocking incident but managed to get back on the set after an hour to finish the recording.

SRINAGAR: INDIA: The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Monday Take his political campaign to the troubled  Northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.He promising jobs and water supply to win in the region and heart of nearly seven decade of hostility with Pakistan.

He told voters not to be against casting ballots in state of Kashmir election after a string of attacks as hit the campaign in the Muslim majority region.

Modi Hindu national party is making an bid for power in the troubled Himalayan region where tension are high following he killing the of 11 soldiers and police in a series of Last Friday.

But the BJP Kashmir mission has already raised tension with political rivals and accusing the party of fomenting divisions in the region.

PM Modi campaign rally in Jammu Kashmir Strong voter turn out in early poll rounds showed people had rejected violence and seek development.

Speaking at election rally in the south of the state Modi said: voters should not be scared off by the attacks of which India Blames Pakistan militant group.

PM India Narendra Modi said to eclection campaign in Kashmir: Our soldiers have sacrificed their lives to safeguard democracy.

He also said :You must ensure that their sacrifices are safeguarded.The power of your finger is greater than the power of AK 47.

Modi harder test war in srinagar the state summer capital which is at the heart of the 25 year revolt against Indian rule.

The party has been campaigning aggressively in the state promising stability and the development.

BHUBANESWAR,INDIA: Toom Boom slammed in a last gasp penalty corner to help Belgium force a dramatic 4-4 draw from world number ones Australia in the champion trophy field hockey Tournament on Sunday.

Ruthless England destroyed Pakistan 8-2 in the day other pool A match of the eight nation tournament at the Kalinga stadium,building on their opening 3-1 win over World cup holders Australia.

But the fast improving Belgians ranked fourth in the World scored twice in quick succession to make it 2-3 at half time.

In pool B Netherlands outclassed Olympic Champions Germany 4-1 and Argentina came back twice from being a goal down to shock host India 4-2.

Australia who have won last Champion 5 Trophy appeared set  for an easy victory over Belgium when they ran up a 3-0 lead by the 21 minute.

The determined Belgians forced a series of penalty corners in the last quarter with just three second remaining in the match when boom recovered a drag  flick a penalty corner and smashed.

Belgian captain John Dohmen was delighted with the draw which took his team to four points from two matches following the 2-1 win over Pakistan on Saturday.

Belgium have 4 points from two games.

In pool B matches later on Sunday the Netherlands take on Germany and India play Argentina.

The group stage determines the line up for the knock out Rounds that will be contested by all eight sides.

Ex Pakitani Cricketer Wasim Akram called Imran khan ""Gabbar Singh"".In Kapil Sharma Show (comedy night with Kapil)
Wasim Akram present as a guest where some one asked about Imran Khan then Wasim Akram called Imran khan ""Gabbar Singh"".Must Watch it

According to Indian media first time post their famous re-union,Shahrukh Khan said his fight with Salman Khan was never like what it was made out by the media.
While an event when Shahrukh khan was asked about patch up with Salman khan,he blamed media for over dramistic about the fight.
According to leading daily he said:""Because of Bollywood people some times over dramatise thing.Our relationship with people is not exactly what is being presented outside.There has been a long relationship between both our families and our children.so it was never like going to some place new"".
What the world witnessed during Arpita's wedding is the actual relation,,industry 2 biggest khan's share.The two hit it off big time during Arpitaa Sangeet and reception.
In fact the two danced away to glory at the reception announcing to the whole world that the ""Long standing enmity"" was mere media creation.
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